Monday, November 7, 2011

A Wonderful Autumn Escape

Close your eyes.  Then imagine ... freshly fallen leaves swirling around your feet during a perfect autumn day, the smell of a cool, crisp morning breeze tickling your nose, and the vision of three morons with halloween masks and loaded guns running through the woods trying to escape the police.  Can you visualize it?  Luckily, I cannot firsthand thanks to several police vehicles and some guy in an unmarked car who yelled "Go away!  It's dangerous here!" as I approached the woods with my camera in hand.   I only know the details of the idiots who tried to rob a bank and flee by foot into these woods from the only source I want this information from - the news.  I have to say that the next day when I returned to the scene of the escape route, I wasn't quite comfortable and kept looking over my shoulder, so I took a few shots and left.  And, of course, I needed to add some sparkles to compensate for the almost traumatic experience.  

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